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Situated in the heart of the Ardennes massif, the Nature Reserve of the Two Ourthes has been established around two very significant nature sites:

First, the Plateau des Tailles, overlooking the territory from an altitude of about 650 m, host to remarkable flora and fauna in preserved biotopes.

Second, the confluence of the two Rivers Ourthe:  the eastern and western Ourthe meet at Engreux, near the site of Hérou. The Ourthe then continues to the North with tight meanders that set the stage for magnificent sites.

The territory consists essentially of farming plateaux and deep valleys where the slopes are covered by forest. The promotion of this superb countryside will enable visitors from all walks of life to enjoy an exceptional stretch of nature and of heritage. 

The Nature Reserve of the Two Ourthes covers the 6 municipalities of Bertogne, Gouvy, Houffalize, La Roche-en-Ardenne, Sainte-Ode and Tenneville. It extends over somewhat more than 76,000 hectares for a population of about 22,000 inhabitants.  It was created by the Walloon Government Decree of 12 July 2001.

The nature reserve can be discovered with nature professionals.

Here are the different guided walks that you can book directly by ticking “services that you can attach to your reservation” when booking online or by telephone at +32(0)

Horseback riding in the heart of the Ardennes

On the rough trails of the Nature Reserve of the 2 Ourthes, experienced riders will discover magnificent landscapes as they cross the (eastern and western) valleys of the River Ourthe, weaving in and out of the trees to reach picturesque villages.

Experienced riders preferred – duration: 3 hours; period: year round – Price per rider  €60

Nature walk to discover edible and medicinal plants

The guide will show you that nature is one large vegetable garden, and that there are a lot of plants that we can use in cooking. There will be a food-gathering exercise and a preparation of herbal teas and fritters in the kitchen.

General public – duration: 3 to 4 hours; period: April to October; Price for the guide: €80


Visit to beaver dams

The beaver was once very much present in the valleys of the Ardennes. Its reintroduction in the streams and rivers enriches biodiversity as a whole. The various sites in Belgium are among the most beautiful in Europe. Visitors set out in cars, and then visit some magnificent sites on foot. 

(Round-trip: 25 km by car)

General public – duration: 3 hours; period: year round; Price for the guide: €60


Wild mushroom gathering followed by a tasting

Our Ardennes forests feature an extensive diversity of mushrooms of a wide variety of colours and tastes that will take you by surprise. Some of the mushrooms gathered will be prepared and served on toast for tasting.

General public – duration: 3 hours; period: autumn; Price for the guide: €60.


Evening stroll “to listen to the forest.”

An evening stroll has something more romantic about it. Nature is preparing for the night.  Large animals start to appear in the glades. The guide can provide information about the way the animals live or tell stories from the region. On a cloudless night, he can teach you to recognise the constellations.

General public – duration: 2 hours; period: March to November; Price for the guide:€40


Walk to discover the inhabitants of the forest

During this walk, you will follow the footsteps of wild boards, does, stags, roe deer, etc. You will also learn to recognise the different birdsongs and the flora of our forests.

General public – duration: 3 hours; period: year round; Price for the guide: €60


Cultural stroll

Starting in La Roche, you will visit the feudal castle where the guide will explain its history, legend and all its trivial details. After this visit, you will return to the game park, where all the animals of the forest await you.

General public – duration: 3 hours; period: year round; Price for the guide: €60

+ admission price: €9.50/ per person


Stroll at the confluences of the 2 Ourthes

A stroll from the Village of Engreux, the heart of the Nature Reserve of the 2 Ourthes.  You will have the opportunity to discover many bird species at the Nisramont dam, as well as the former beaver site. The guide will also tell you the story of the dam.

Average level – duration: 3 hours; period: year round; Price for the guide: €60


A stroll through time

At the remarkable site of Cheslé (former Celtic fortress situated on a ridge of the Upper Ourthe), the guide will initiate you into the picturesque history of this place.

General public – duration: 3 hours; period: year round; Price for the guide: €60