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La Claire Fontaine

Logis International Quality Charter

The Logis International Quality Charter gathers the members of its network round the same passion for the vocation of "restaurateur - hotelier." Here are the strong points.


Independent, family-owned and operated hotels, the "Logis" [abodes] constitute an extensive and diversified network, one that shares common values. Because each guest is unique, s/he is accorded a personalised reception in the Logis network that guarantees a climate of trust and confidence and a warm stay.


Every client, whether intent on having a break, sharing a moment, holding a meeting, etc. can rest assured of spending delightful moments in our establishments and of finding an answer to all his or her expectations for well-being and discovery.


An ambassador of his region and his country, every restaurateur-hotelier offers his guests the best of the establishment's natural, cultural and gastronomic environment. He reassesses tradition to create authentic and decidedly modern comfort.

Quality dining

The Logis restaurateur-hotelier puts the flavours of the dining experience at the heart of his trade. A defender of taste and quality, he offers his guests the high art of cooking with a generous, gourmet, gastronomic or remarkable cuisine.

Value for money/delight

Asserting its vocation of delightful hotel service, the Logis network counts on optimal value for money, quality and delight for its success and popularity.


The Logis network is intent of pursuing its international development. The reception of foreign guests is one of the restaurateur-hotelier's priorities.

Logis guarantee

With the Logis label, the network's clients can rest assured of homogeneous quality and a state of mind shared throughout Europe. Composed mainly of family-owned and operated establishments, it extends a particularly warm welcome to families and children.

For more information, please visit the site of the Logis in Belgium.